I've known Chris Davis for many years, have respect for his business ability, his knowledge of how city hall really works from the inside. He is a man of courage, high principle and I endorse him enthusiastically.”

Rod Sykes
Mayor of Calgary
Served Three Terms 1969-1977

Finally, a candidate that is actually qualified to sit on City Council! Though I will soon be leaving Ward 8 (as a direct result of poor urban planning), it won’t be before throwing my support behind Chris. The current city council does not represent its constituents, but rather, simply wishes to force through its own vision for the city irrespective of legitimate concerns. Unfortunately, it’s a vision that few, if any, current councillors actually have the qualifications to advance. Chris’ many years of experience in municipal and administrative law, combined with his commitment to transparency will breathe life into the demography that City Council is supposed to embody. Well done Chris and I hope that closing of work pay off at the polls. Calgary definitely need you!

Steven Kley



    WARD 8

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    Vote October 16, 2017