Being elected to represent your community is a huge honour.  And a commitment.  Because it's really not so much about the candidate as a person – it's more about listening to the voters and making sure your voice is heard both here and in Edmonton.


Chris Davis is running in Calgary-Elbow

Chris recently ran for city council in Ward 8.  He earned close to 9000 votes as a political 'newbie'.  Although new to putting his name on the ballot, Chris has been involved politically in Calgary-Elbow since the Klein days of the early 1990's.  His grandparents established a home in Elbow Park just in time for the pre-Glenmore Dam flood in 1929.  While the 2013 flood was not something any of us anticipated, Chris – along with many of you – responded resourcefully to the flood of 2013, mopping up basements in Mission and Roxboro and representing friends and clients who had to quickly react to that challenge.  That is the true spirit of Calgary-Elbow - resilient, renewable and resourceful !

Calgary-Elbow has been a key riding in government for many, many years.  We have had two premiers represent Calgary-Elbow.  But we are not at the table now.  Chris wants to be part of a United Conservative Party of Alberta team that will tackle the challenges we are facing as a community, city and province.


The current issues we face in Alberta seem solvable by common sense, but we are all finding that common sense is not altogether common


Chris wants to represent Calgary-Elbow and to be part of the team that will tackle the current challenges faced by all Albertans including:


living within our means


championing Calgary and Alberta interests


responsibly managing core government duties


finding and eliminating government waste


visioning and delivering on new economic opportunities for our next generations


Supporting business, large and small, in creating jobs and investing in our province and economy


Chris Davis – Volunteer, Business Person, Lawyer

Chris has practiced as a municipal, real estate and development lawyer since 1990.  He has volunteered on the development committee of his community association and been a member of the City's planning commission.  Chris recognizes the importance of the arts, supporting One Yellow Rabbit, Making Treaty 7 and Lunchbox Theatre.  He was a member of the Calgary Regional Arts Foundation just prior to the creation of CADA and sat on the latest Premier's Council on Culture.

The importance of the river's impact on our community is very real to Chris – has been a supporter of a local southern Alberta land trust society since its inception. This kind of community involvement is not new to Chris and his family, with his grandfather being a long-time supporter of the Calgary Zoo and his uncle being a founder of Theatre Calgary and early lynchpin in Calgary opera.  Chris believes in being part of the community where we live.  Stepping up to represent Calgary-Elbow is just a further extension of that commitment.


What Chris Is Hearing At The Door


Folks have always expected great representation for Calgary-Elbow in the provincial legislature.  But it's not good enough to be great if you aren't part of a team that can get the ball over the goal line.  Jason Kenney has demonstrated that he is capable of achieving significant electoral success.  Over the last 18 months he has won the leadership of one legacy party; helped to achieve unity of the two legacy conservative parties (PC and Wildrose); won the leadership of the new UCP; and, most recently, secured a seat in the Alberta legislature, representing the Calgary-Lougheed constituency.  For anyone still doubting his ability to lead and win, they need to look at the results.

Calgarians say they want better representation in Edmonton.  They say that they want to see Alberta stepping back up as a place where all Canadians can work hard and make a better living, for themselves and their families.

Chris Davis and the Jason Kenney UCP team will work tirelessly to earn the trust of residents of Calgary-Elbow.  A trust in a team that will see results in:


upstream flood mitigation finally addressed on both the Elbow and Bow Rivers following the 2019 provincial election


provincial support for improving our rivers-edge along the Elbow and Bow Rivers in Calgary


a provincial strategy responding to the fentanyl health crisis

supporting municipalities in their desire to be responsible and sustainable government partners in Alberta


a jobs-creation strategy that helps businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs as they find new ways to tap into Alberta's potential


I recognize that there is a new Kenney-lead UCP team ready to take back the provincial legislature .  It's my job to demonstrate that this team deserves your trust and, in 2019, your support at the polls.


I am Chris Davis and, with your support, I am seeking the Calgary-Elbow UCP nomination.



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