Speaking Out in Support of the Springbank Dry Dam


Today marks the Fifth anniversary of the day we all woke to experience "THE FLOOD".  Sure there were signs – I was at Chinook Mall the previous evening when a phalanx of police and EMS vehicles was redeployed from their "muster point" at Stampede Park.  Because they realized that the designated gathering spot was about to flood.  Somehow we were all caught off guard.  What have we learned from this experience?

My grandparents left Elbow Park in 1929, relocating to then windy and treeless Mt. Royal, because of repeated flood concerns.  But when the Glenmore Dam was completed in 1932, we thought we were protected.  We had a hint in 2005.  We got the full message in 2013.  We are not protected.

Elbow Park, Roxboro, Rideau, Stanley Park, Elboya, Glencoe and the Mission communities all remain under the spectre of a repeat of the most recent flood event of 2013.

This threat of repeated flood events is simply unacceptable for us as residents of Calgary-Elbow.

Last evening I had the privilege of attending the CRCAG (Calgary River Communities Action Group) AGM.  This volunteer group has championed the interests of the thousands of Calgarians who live every day in fear of another flood like that experienced in 2013.  But they are frustrated by inaction in the delivery of upstream flood solutions.

In the five years since the 2013 Calgary Flood we have seen some local improvements.  Riverbanks "hardened".  Work on automating the upper gates of the Glenmore Reservoir.  But the biggest piece in the Elbow River puzzle – the upstream flood mitigation – has not yet seen a shovel in the ground.

A few residents have installed flood defence walls.  But this is not a realistic solution for most of us.  The timeliest and most cost effective solution for community-wide flood mitigation, according to two governments and multiple studies, is the SR1 / Springbank dry dam.

As a lawyer with experience in expropriation, I firmly believe that action must be commenced where talks are dragging.  We must expedite the construction process.  This should not be a sequential solution.  I SUPPORT ACTION OVER INACTION WHEN IT COMES TO UPSTREAM ELBOW RIVER FLOOD MITIGATION.  Expropriation is simply a legal tool that should be used at this time, with proper compensation provided to those affected by the process.

As a successful UCP candidate in Calgary-Elbow, I will bring my experience as both one who lived through the two recent floods and as a development and  expropriation lawyer to champion the construction of Spring bank / SR1. I will be part of a UCP team that recognizes the importance of practical solutions to community issues and puts into action the necessary solutions that advance the interests of the residents of Calgary-Elbow.

I am Chris Davis.  I LIVE IN CALGARY-ELBOW.  I have worked within our community for over 30 years representing community interests.  I want to be your local Calgary-Elbow UCP candidate - to continue the work that I have done throughout my career.


Chris Davis